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WEEK 16 - Friday 15 January 2021

Welcome to the first Head of Year 10 blog. During this period of uncertainty and upheaval I wanted to share with you an insight into what is happening within school and particularly within Year 10.

It is important that I start by thanking and giving praise to the huge number of students who have adapted so well to attending their ‘Live Lessons’. Students are being provided a mixture of live teaching and online work via Google Classroom which has enabled them to continue their learning. The attendance to these live lessons is incredibly important and I would ask that you reiterate the benefits and value in them.

Throughout the week both Mrs Lacey and I have attempted to contact the parents and carers of all students in Year 10, these calls are crucial, both for monitoring the welfare of the young person and any concerns you may have. If you have any questions, concerns or queries please do not hesitate to email HOYYear10@hessleacademy.com

I have asked the teachers of Year 10 to provide me with the names of individuals and classes that deserve praise and recognition for their hard work. Each week I will share with you comments I have received. This will certainly not be an easy task, due to the sheer volume of positive comments and the names of those that deserve praise.

Mr. Boyes, Biology& Head of Science:

“10ab2 have been fantastic and nearly all students have logged onto the live lessons, special mention to Harry H, Joe C, Mason S and Marcel M for their continuous effort during the lesson by contributing to in the chat function and providing that extra feedback!”

“10ce2 – The vast majority of the students within the group have been logging onto the sessions and taking part which is brilliant but a special mention to Alex G, Aimee P, Joseph M and Pierce G as they provide feedback to questions and provide evidence of work completed.”

Mrs. Davison, English:

“Congratulations to Ethan H for his continuous effort in his English Writing course. When something comes easy to you, it is easy to show yourself at your best, but when it is something that you find hard, it is easy to give up on it. Thank you for never giving up on this and going over and above!”

Once again I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your support.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Julian

Head of Year

Mrs Lacey

Assistant Head of Year


Mr Julian's Video Message to Parents


I am pleased to introduce myself as Head of Year 10. I have worked at Hessle High School for the past 14 years. I have spent nine years of those working within the Student Services team. I have a degree in both Sport & Adventure Management and in Business Management. Since joining Hessle High School I have specialised in Foundation Learning and I teach Maths.

In 2012, I worked as the Assistant Head of Year 11 and became Head of Year 11 in 2013, a role I had the great pleasure of holding for three years.

In 2016, I became House Leader for Orlando House, a role that I have relished. The many successes I have witnessed from the students of Orlando House, over the past four years, are some of my fondest teaching memories.

When given the opportunity to work within the Student Services team, I quickly discovered a passion for the role of Head of Year. I love all aspects of the job and believe in working hard to improve the lives of the students I have the pleasure of leading.

The work I have completed towards Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance continues to prove invaluable and beneficial to the students across all year groups. I look forward to working closely with the Careers Team to offer accurate, impartial advice to those students preparing for their GCSE’s, sixth form college or apprenticeships.

Behaviour management and the provision of a calm, effective learning environment is of the highest priority to me, and I am a firm believer in developing a close working relationship with parents and carers. I expect the students within my year group to abide by the values and ethos of Hessle High School and conduct themselves in a suitable manner.  

I am very pleased to have the vastly experienced Mrs Lacey working alongside me as Assistant Head of Year. Mrs Lacey is an integral member of the Student Services team and works tirelessly to provide help and support to the students of Hessle High School.

At home, I enjoy taking my son to his weekly swimming and rugby sessions, and the whole family enjoys getting out into the countryside for walks. Watersports and rugby league are particular passions of mine and I enjoy spending time out on the waterways kayaking and paddle boarding. 

I’m really looking forward to working closely with year 10 over the reminder of the year and throughout the course of year 11.

Please contact me if you have any queries regarding your child’s progress and development.

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