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WEEK 16 - Friday 15 January 2021

In our first Year 7 blog I would like to give you an insight into some of the activities our students have been participating in during their lessons and celebrate with you some of the feedback received from teachers about Year 7 student engagement over the past two weeks.

As part of their drama lessons students have written their own witches spell for Macbeth, they have researched different types of embroidery in preparation for their practical textiles lessons and learnt about Macro and micronutrients in Food technology. They have investigated the work of artist Peter Blake and have been asked to create their own Dazzle ship designs and, in maths, students are exploring sequences and patterns and have been  introduced to the Diagnostic Quizzes website. Students in Spanish will hopefully understand the meaning of “mi cabello es Rubio y mis ojos son azules” as they have been learning how to describe their hair and eye colour and, in Science, students are learning about energy and  light and if they are lucky they will have seen a video clip of Mr Smith doing a bungee jump! Students have also been planning an experiment to see how high different types of ball bounce.

I have received so many positive comments from teachers regarding classes as a whole and specific students and it would be impossible for me to fit them all into this blog so instead I will be sharing a small number of these each week. 

English - Mrs Davison

I would like to commend Ranim R in 7ab2 for not only working hard in the lessons but also taking part in The Young Writers short story competition. It really means a lot to see a young person engage in the extra-curricular activities like this. Keep going, Ranim!

Geography - Mr Carlin

7J were brilliant last Friday period 4, the whole class logged on and joined the live lesson, some great discussions and engagement from the students.

PE - Mr Moulds

Excellent engagement and attendance this week from 7ab boys with their PE lessons. The boys have been completing a variety of home work videos and sharing their scores. Excellent discussion at the beginning of the lesson with Montather, Taylor, Alfie, Robbie, Kamil, Jacob, Mckenzie, Oliver, Kieran, Kamil and Cameron on the importance of staying physically active. Well done boys keep up the activity levels!

Take care, stay safe

Miss Pinkney

Head of Year

Mrs Briggs

Assistant Head of Year



Miss Pinkney's Video Message to Parents


My name is Miss Pinkney and I have worked at Hessle High School for the past 18 years. I have a Degree in Contemporary Dance and Theatre and I successfully completed a Graduate Teacher Programme in 2004.

I started teaching Performing Arts at Hessle High School in 2002 and then moved on to leading the Performing Arts Department. I not only taught both dance and drama but also led School productions and organised various trips including performances in The West End.

As a teacher I pride myself on my ability to gain positive relationships with students. It is this that brought about my interest in the pastoral system and specifically a student who I was teaching dance to in 2010. I was able to support the student through a number of issues and therefore helped her to complete her education in school. In 2010 I joined the student services team as an Assistant Year Leader, progressing to a Year Leader and then becoming a House Leader with a special responsibility for students transitioning from year 6 to year 7.

After having two children of my own, I chose to reduce my hours and responsibilities and became a part-time Performing Arts Teacher and I was extremely happy when I was asked to continue with the transition role alongside. I remember starting Secondary School and feeling very apprehensive; a new, bigger school and so many people that I had never met before.  As part of my role, I focus on allowing students to feel like they have become part of the school before the summer holidays, giving them the opportunity to see the school, find new friends, meet the teachers and gain an understanding of the school values. This also allows students to get to know me in preparation for their start in September.

Now my own children are becoming older, I am thrilled to return to teaching full time and rejoin the Student Services Team as the Head of Year 7. In the eight years I have worked within student services there have been many changes, but the main focus remains that ‘everyone can achieve the extraordinary’. My aim is to proactively monitor the behaviour for learning of all students in year 7 and also focus on celebrating their achievements. I would like to develop a close working relationship with parents and carers, working together to ensure our students abide by the values and ethos of Hessle High School and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

Joining the School and the year 7 team as Assistant Head of Year is Mrs Briggs. Mrs Briggs has a BA in Education and Early Childhood Studies and has worked as a Teaching Assistant in the primary phase for a number of years. Her knowledge and experience will be perfect for working and supporting our year 7 students.

Working at Hessle High School is something that I have always been proud of, I feel a great loyalty to the school and the students within it and I am always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our students are safe, happy and are able to achieve their potential.

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