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WEEK 16 - Friday 15 January 2021

As we move forward into the second national lockdown I have decided to start a weekly blog to keep parents and students informed with what’s happening within the Hessle High School community and what events will be coming up over the next few weeks. 

As a parent of secondary school children myself, I fully appreciate just how challenging it is to homeschool your children, and in most cases to also have to work from home yourself. In these extremely difficult times I wanted to thank all of you for ensuring that our students continue to access, engage, learn and make progress whilst studying from home. I have spoken to all year 8 teachers who have been absolutely blown away with the standards of work being produced in their subjects. It has also been fantastic to see so many year 8 students engaging in the online “live” lessons with their subject teachers. I have been inundated with many positive comments from teachers about students going above and beyond to achieve outstanding results in their online lessons. Here are just some of the teacher’s comments:

"Fantastic attendance and engagement from 8L Geography lesson were 31/32 students were able to access the online live lesson"

Mrs Hill

“Excellent engagement, contributions and responses to 'The Tempest' from 8ab2”

Mr Burnett

“Thank you to the whole of 8ab1. Every lesson you come to the live Google Meets session, you show us that you are patient, resilient, and full of good humour. You engage with everything you throw in front of you and it genuinely a pleasure to be teaching you, even amongst the pandemic! You all deserve a medal!”

Mrs Davison

I would like to praise a few students from 8ef2 : Tallulah F, Ruben K, Skye M, Thom T, Olesja V and Jessica W for excellent attitude to learning! They were fantastic in the lesson - active, happy to participate and making the lesson so much more enjoyable. Great effort and learning attitude.

Mrs Strazska

As we move into the third week of online lessons I feel it is important to remind students about the importance of their health and wellbeing. It is super important that we all try and stay healthy. Regular exercise is so important for everyone. Please continue to do some exercise during the day. The PE dept has set some fantastic workouts for students and their families to do at home or in the garden. 

Some parents have contacted me regarding Option Choices for when students’ progress into year 9. I will give you more details regarding this in my next blog. The school will also be sending out information in the near future to explain in detail the process that you and your children will follow. 

Lastly, please continue to encourage your children to engage in future lessons in the same way they have over the last two weeks, it really has been a fantastic start to this lockdown period

Stay safe, and keep in contact with myself or Mrs Newman if you have any issues or concerns. 

Mr Leckenby

Head of Year

Mrs Newman

Assistant Head of Year


Mr Leckenby's video Message to Parents


I am very proud to introduce myself as the new Head of Year 8 at The Hessle Academy. I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed into this role and very much look forward to supporting each and every student in year 8 to achieve their full potential with us over the next four to six years.

I have been a teacher at Hessle Academy for over 15 years and have, in this time, taken on a variety of roles. These include Subject Leader for Business and ICT and also as a House Leader. These roles have ensured that I have gained the experience required to be successful in the role of Head of Year 8.  As a Head of Year it is my role to support, encourage and monitor your child to ensure progress is made. I expect them to maintain high standards of behaviour and enthusiasm for their learning as they move forward with new and exciting challenges. I will foster a positive atmosphere within my year group where all pupils feel valued and understand our joint responsibility for developing their academic, emotional and social skills; so they can fulfil their potential and go on to be successful young students. 

At the Hessle Academy we promote the following core values throughout the whole school:

  • Integrity
  • Respect 
  • Kindness 
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience 
  • Aspiration

My expectations of year 8 students is for all to aspire to achieve the highest of standards in relation to our core values. By doing this we can ensure that students are successful within the educational environment and also fantastically prepared for when your child takes the next step in their educational/career pathway.  

I am also extremely pleased to announce that I will be supported in my new role by Mrs Newman who will be Assistant Head of Year 8. Having worked closely with Mrs Newman for the last three years in my House Leader role I know that the students in Year 8 will benefit massively from her support and guidance throughout the year. Mrs Newman will also be a consistent point of contact for both students and parents. 

As an experienced member of staff I am aware of how challenging school life can be at times and I want you to know, I am here to help and ensure your child achieves and excels at Hessle High School. As a parent and carer you also play an important role in the education of your child and your encouragement and involvement can help a child excel. Your thoughts and views on how we can all work together in a meaningful way are always welcome. 

I look forward to meeting with you all when rules allow, and continuing the journey your child takes through the Hessle Academy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will ensure that your questions are answered promptly.

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