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WEEK 16 - Friday 15 January 2021

In my first Blog as the Head of Year 9 I want to share with you how students are engaging with their learning from home and how Mrs Green and myself are available to support our students.

As the Christmas holidays came to an end we were both planning for the term ahead, until the announcement came to say schools would be closed to some year groups at the start of the year. This was a shock, but the bigger blow came on the Monday evening, when the new lockdown came into play. Our first thought was how we were going to work with our students whilst they were working from home.

Having experienced the first wave of school closures I have started in a similar way. Each morning I email the year group with reminders, new information, advice, and when I can some strange or interesting facts to develop their general knowledge; within this email, I also remind the students that myself and Mrs Green are available to help them with any issue and all they have to do is drop us an email in the first instance. We understand it is a difficult time and don’t want any of our students to struggle or feel that they are alone.

Whilst supporting our students we are in regular contact with their staff , asking for their class stars. When we hear of students who are engaging well, accessing live lessons, and submitting work we are very proud. Each week I will be emailing students who have shown commitment, resilience to not give up, and perseverance- producing work and contributing to the lessons. The email congratulates them and lets them know we are aware of their achievements. In the past two weeks 46 students have been identified as being a subject star, and they should have received our email saying well done. Additionally, Mrs Green has worked tirelessly to analyse the data that we receive each day and we have then emailed students who consistently access their work and lessons to say how fabulous we feel they have done in adapting to our new methods.

The levels of engagement for year 9 students has been helped by their understanding of Google Classroom. Live lessons are becoming our ‘new normal’, with the added advantage of students knowing they can access support during this time. One thing we are now hoping to develop within their usage is the ability to upload their work, either a document or screenshot, into their Google Classroom lesson folder- by doing this teachers are able to see that they are completing tasks, support students if they have misconceptions, and offer praise for their engagement. For any student who is unsure how to do this, there is a presentation on the Year 9 Google Classroom which explains how to do this. Some students are reluctant to join ‘live’ lessons due to the video element- If this is the case for your son or daughter please let them know they do  not have to have their cameras switched on, and their microphones are muted.

We hope that the positivity in year 9 continues in the coming weeks, and we will share information of how life looks for the year group weekly. If there is anything we can do to support our students please let us know- HOYYear9@hessleacademy.com

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year


Mrs Todd's Video Message to Parents


I am pleased to introduce myself as Head of Year responsible for students in year 9; I will then move with them through their remaining time at Hessle High School - supporting them in all areas of their school experience.

I have been a member of staff at Hessle High for 10 years and teach English across KS3 and KS4. My experience in the Pastoral team includes previously being an Assistant Head of Year. I then took on the role of Assistant House Leader for Ariel where I worked closely with Miss Pinkney before being seconded to House Leader when she went on Maternity leave. I have continued to lead Ariel House since then and have thoroughly enjoyed the day to day challenges and experiences brought to me by the students in my care.

Moving to our new Year Group system is something that I believe will allow all of our learners to get more tailored and individual support. I am passionate about getting to know the students whom I will be responsible for, and developing links between school and home.

Mrs Green will also be supporting your children as Assistant Head of Year; Mrs Green has been working with me as the Ariel Student Service Manager since the start of the year, and I am overjoyed that she will continue to work with me and the students. Together we will work together to ensure we understand the needs of the students in year 9 and look at establishing strong links between ourselves and those at home. As a team we want to give the students a holistic experience, which encompasses their academic achievements, personal development, social and emotional wellbeing and prepares them for the journey that lies ahead.

Both of us are looking forward to January and are already working with year 9 across the four houses, introducing ourselves as the people that are there for them. We hope to help our students believe that anything is possible and that with our help they are the makers of their own destiny. We fully understand that at times things will cause students barriers and at these times I want to ensure you we will do all we can to help your child and ensure our staff are aware of anything that may cause them to present in a different way to normal.

Your child will also continue to be supported by their current tutors and as a team we look forward to working together.

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