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Penshurst Primary School

Your child’s journey through Primary School

At The Hessle Academy we are committed to ensuring that every child achieves their full potential and believe that school years should be the most inspiring, exciting and rewarding years of our lives.

Penshurst Primary, part of The Hessle Academy family of schools, is a Restorative Practice School where pupils have many opportunities to develop their skills and abilities. Our inclusive ethos enables all pupils to identify their own learning interests and skills and develop them.

At this stage in their educational journey our pupils are beginning to articulate and discover their creative, academic and sporting potential.

We encourage them to be curious, respectful, caring and to think for themselves by providing a warm, safe and encouraging atmosphere. Our curriculum is relevant and engaging, pupils tell us they enjoy learning and feel part of the school.

We want children to enjoy their time at school, to play a full part in the life of the school and to achieve success in all that they do. We love to share in the successes of our children. From the smallest to the largest of achievements, be that academic, sporting, social development, trying hard or making a contribution, we celebrate and value every single success.

Our core Values are reflected in our day to day life both within the school setting and in the wider community.     

Defining Achievements

Your first school uniform, the first time you solved a problem by yourself, the first time you tied your shoelaces, the first time you could swim without help, the time you moved up to secondary school

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