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Penshurst Primary School

Learning and Development

By constantly reviewing our curriculum and utilising new technologies, we provide a stimulating environment to motivate every child.

We are committed to providing the highest quality teaching in the core subjects. Our creative approach to learning encourages pupils to investigate and think critically, whilst being inspired and enthused by close connections with everyday life. Wherever possible, we use field trips to bring subjects and ideas to life.

As well as teaching our children the knowledge and skills essential for learning, we want pupils to learn to lead healthy lives and develop a strong sense of well being.

We also teach pupils about their role in society, encouraging children to make a contribution to their community and instilling a desire to have a positive impact on the environment.

Our staff closely monitor the progress of every pupil and offer support where required to ensure that every child meets our aspirational expectations for them and achieves their full potential. We value the opportunity to engage with parents about learning and progress.

High quality teaching, exceptional facilities and a wide range of activities combine to offer every child the opportunity to find something they enjoy and can excel at, ensuring everyone has their moment to shine.

“By instilling in children a passion for learning we help them to become successful learners”

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