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Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Class Name                                                                        
RSS Jack Jack, you have been an absolute delight to teach this week. You have shown enthusiasm in all areas of your learning. You have been an amazing mathematician, showing me your understanding of the number 7 in all different ways including money. You have spelt your name and also wrote some CVC words independently. In Phonics you have been a superstar and you know all of the sounds we have learnt so far. Well done Jack, well deserved. I am very proud of you.
RAP Jude     For a super effort during phonics. Jude is trying really hard to write all the letters that he has been learning in school. Jude always sits beautifully on the carpet and he is a super caring friend to everybody. Keep up the great work Jude; you are a superstar! 
RHB     Olivia For always being a superstar and a lovely friend  
1RB TJ TJ is such a lovely boy, he is always kind and caring and wanting to please both staff and his friends.  TJ always has a smile on his face and is a pleasure to both work with and be around.  He is trying so hard in all areas of learning and requires
1EF Louis    For the excellent progress he has made in our writing lessons. Louis listens to new skills and applies them in his writing. His handwriting is stunning!  We are incredibly proud of you  Louis. Well done!
1MP Hafsa For trying incredibly hard and has done very well in her phonics assessment
1SH/GJ Eliza For showing great enthusiasm in every lesson. 
2CC Daniel For really engaging with our art lesson to include some different painting styles in his Stone Age painting such as a smooth paint and a stipple. I was very impressed with his attention to detail. 
2LD Harley Harley produced an excellent adventure story last week. He really impressed me with how much time, effort and consideration he put into his writing. He ensured he included all of the Year 2 success criteria I gave him and, as a result, produced a piece of work that he should be very proud of. Well done Harley. 
2PP Shaibella For her amazing writing of an adventure story and her fabulous focus in all her lessons - good job Shaibella - keep it up!
3NT Natalia For incredible understanding of column method in Maths.You blew me away with your hard work and it really paid off. Well done, Natalia!
3DO Eli For always displaying the Penshurst values of respect and kindness. He contributes to lessons enthusiastically and is gradually improving his handwriting. Keep up the hard work Eli.
4WT Yathu For his incredible times tables work!    
4PA Millie For her effort and enthusiasm in all lessons. Millie's confidence, especially in Reading, has grown massively. It's a pleasure to teach a lovely young lady. 
5NL     Trent  For his writing
5SW/ZW Dilila She has been trying so hard in class. In Theme lessons, she is extremely enthusiastic and always eager to answer lots of questions. She is also putting in so much effort in her writing, ensuring she includes all the necessary skills. Her enthusiasm for Maths - especially Times Tables - is also incredible!
6KK Charlie For showing amazing effort and enthusiasm during virtual learning, rising to the challenge in difficult circumstances.
6AB Maddison She has been fantastic all of this week with her online learning. She has been eager and motivated, completing work and joining in with our live lessons. It is fantastic to see the effort that you have put in whilst we have been away from school. Please keep it up!
6LH Harvie      For his effort in his online learning, joining in with the virtual lessons. 
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