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Pupil of the Week

Every week one child is chosen from each class to win the coveted award of Pupil of the Week. This award is given for various reasons, such as; being polite, listening well in class, working to the best of your ability, good attendance and following the rules in school.

The children are presented with their awards at school assemblies and the teachers write down exactly why the child deserves the award.

Class Name                                                                        
RSS Archie S

Archie is currently working from home. I have seen Archie on every single live lesson! What an achievement that is ! Archie has the most amazing smile and I have been lucky to see this huge smile every day whilst we are doing the remote learning. Archie is a loving, kind and caring boy who has lots of friends. I can’t wait to see him back in the classroom. Well done Archie- you are a super star.

RAP Summer-Rayne For making great progress with her writing. Summer can now remember most of the letters in her name and puts 100% effort in during phonics lessons, showing great resilience. Summer is a caring friend to all the children in Reception and a great role model to others. Keep up the great work Summer; you are a super star!  
RHB     Filip For being a little superstar and trying hard in all your lessons. Filip is trying hard at home and at school with his learning. He has really impressed me with his reading and writing. He can easily read and write words and is working towards developing his sentence skills. Filip has the most amazing imagination and tells some fantastic stories in the small world area. He is a pleasure to teach, keep up the hard work! Well done.
1RB Rhys Rhys has settled really well into our classroom.  He is very enthusiastic and aims to please.  This week Rhys was confident enough to read the daily story to his peers in class.  He is always happy, willing to help and keen to share his thoughts.  Rhys is working independently in maths and tries really hard.  We are really proud of you, keep shining
1EF Louise Louise is currently working from home and remote learning! She continues to take this in her stride. Louise is working hard at home and school and shows such resilience to change and challenge. We are proud of Louise’s attitude and determination. Well done Louise!
1MP Theo All of the Year 1 staff that teach online or mark the online work have commented on the fact that Theo has been incredible throughout his home schooling. He is putting so much effort into his work and it’s lovely that mum keeps us up to date with little comments on how he is doing too. He is also very engaged and willing to contribute when he is on the live sessions. Great work, Theo!
1SH/GJ Ella For her fabulous attitude to online learning, her brilliant effort and her infectious smile
2CC Zachary Zachary’s confidence in class is really starting to shine through! He has been working incredibly hard in all of his lessons and has been showing our Penshurst values consistently. He recently read out a part of his David Attenborough inspired documentary for his class video where he was incredibly clear in what he was saying - even if he did get the giggles! Zachary we are all so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next.
2LD Enzo Since the beginning of the new term, we have noticed a real increase in Enzo’s confidence. He is consistently putting up his hand to answer questions and becoming more involved in class discussions. Enzo is always kind, polite and respectful to both adults and his peers. We were very impressed with his team work last week when creating a habitat diorama. Keep going Enzo, you are amazing!
2PP Oliver S Oliver has worked consistently since day one of Lockdown 3.0. He has taken responsibility for his learning ensuring he always produces his best even if he finds it difficult. He is respectful to his fellow classmates following our online learning etiquette at all times. We were all really impressed with Oliver’s persuasive letter last week we definitely think the Queen would have given you your Royal Pardon! Keep going Oliver we are all very proud of everything you are doing.
3NT Izzy For her outstanding efforts in our virtual classroom. She goes above and beyond in her learning to ensure her understanding and has shown a really positive and resilient attitude in all her lessons. Izzy is always such a polite and friendly girl who always has a huge smile on her face. All of the Year 3 staff are really proud of Izzy and we know that she’ll continue to blow our socks off as the weeks progress! Keep up the great work, Izzy!
3DO Joel For continued engagement through online learning. He is committed to completing his activities daily and brings a sense of humour and personality to the work that he submits. He communicates effectively so is able to receive the support that he needs to keep meeting his objectives. Well done Joel.
4WT Layla F For her continuous effort in her learning, she’s had a smile on her face at all times and has shown a great responsibility in her learning. Importantly, she has asked for support when necessary and acted upon it, producing some great work. Well done, Layla!
4PA Ethan For his amazing efforts in our online classroom. He has displayed a really positive attitude towards his learning and has regularly gone above and beyond to ensure his understanding. Ethan is a very pleasant and polite young man who is really standing out from the crowd.  Keep up the great work, Ethan!
5NL     Ruby Just like when we’re all together, Ruby is working exceptionally hard at home. Ruby can be relied on to complete her work to a high standard at all times. If she is stuck, Ruby always asks for help to further her own understanding.
5SW/ZW Lucy For her fantastic effort in Writing last week. She created a lovely piece of descriptive writing.
6LH Marcus Marcus is very hard-working and responsible in his online learning; he is constantly in the morning and closing circles and always engages with the questions. Marcus is a very aspirational pupil - he sets high targets for himself and always endeavours to achieve these. Well done for all your hard work, Marcus.
6AB Lily Exceptional work ethic across all lessons. She has particularly impressed me with her efforts in Writing, which is something I don’t get to see as she is usually taught by Miss Hatfield, with the way that she thinks carefully about her sentences before committing them to paper. Her attention to detail is great.
6KK Charlie For showing excellent resilience during online learning and utilising the teacher support exceptionally well in lessons. He always shows respect to the teachers and takes responsibility for his own learning once he understands what to do. Keep it up, Charlie! Well done.
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